Being fat is a symbol of single and happy ;) :)


Being fat is a symbol of being single and happy ;) :)

A Mother.

Who is a Mother?
The one, who is a punching bag,
Or the one, who is the victim of everyone’s outbursts?
A women who has scars of burning oil, still fails to impress with her food,
Or that one who can’t compete with other modernized people?
Who is that woman in your house,
who keeps trying improving according to million of other people around her?
Who is that, whose duty is to look after everyone, even if others ignore her?
A Mother.

Pure Nature

One should take some time out and enjoy the beauty of nature,

Take some break, it will help you!! It is a paddy field. Isn’t it beautiful? :)

Paddy field

Paddy field

India is changing…

THOUGH India is a country of majority of poor people but it has a rich future. People here are working hard to improve their condition. And they will never misuse their development because they will always remember that from where they have come up. This is what a permanent  house behind the mud house shows. India will always remember its culture and the well, buffaloes & tree symbolizes it…

Agree or not?

Real India

Real India



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Quote #6

If you don’t have the ability to judge,
Then remember, that no one gives damn about your verdict!

Quote #5

You can not peacefully live your life,
Untill you’ve proved your existence!

Mathmetics – my NOOSE

This noose is getting tighter and tighter, day by day & the worst part is that I don’t have an option to avoid it! It is a subject in which no matter how hard I try, it just goes above my head! I am now frustrated! Everywhere what I see is books, tutors, pamphlets of coaching institutes. I am fedupp!  
   On this saturday only, I came FIRST in a interschool dance compition along with my friends and I was really excited. Ofcourse, we were because we had worked so hard. Everyday we used to practise hard. But all this excitment got fade because on sunday I had “maths test” in my coaching! I worked hard but. I knew it would go horrible but still with lots of hope and a bag full of expectation I went go give the test. I gave the test & returned home. My father asked about the test. He was upset but he didn’t said me anything! Just asked me to work hard. He went to market and got some “dhokala”( gujrati snak). I hate this, everytime when I don’t stand on stand on his expectations he do something soo good that I feel damn embarrassed! Now today when I went to coaching, our teacher said that a student who gets less marks will be severly punished. And now I just feel running away! My father called me & asked me that is there any way in which he can help me and I was feeling so bad. He is trying  so hard and mee! Its me who is has to work and I work but still maths is something which just doesn’t get inside my brain!!!! I NEED HELP!!!

Dead Butterfly!


Dead butterfly!

Not everyone is blessed to die beautiful!!
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