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You can not peacefully live your life,
Untill you’ve proved your existence!

Mathmetics – my NOOSE

This noose is getting tighter and tighter, day by day & the worst part is that I don’t have an option to avoid it! It is a subject in which no matter how hard I try, it just goes above my head! I am now frustrated! Everywhere what I see is books, tutors, pamphlets of coaching institutes. I am fedupp!  
   On this saturday only, I came FIRST in a interschool dance compition along with my friends and I was really excited. Ofcourse, we were because we had worked so hard. Everyday we used to practise hard. But all this excitment got fade because on sunday I had “maths test” in my coaching! I worked hard but. I knew it would go horrible but still with lots of hope and a bag full of expectation I went go give the test. I gave the test & returned home. My father asked about the test. He was upset but he didn’t said me anything! Just asked me to work hard. He went to market and got some “dhokala”( gujrati snak). I hate this, everytime when I don’t stand on stand on his expectations he do something soo good that I feel damn embarrassed! Now today when I went to coaching, our teacher said that a student who gets less marks will be severly punished. And now I just feel running away! My father called me & asked me that is there any way in which he can help me and I was feeling so bad. He is trying  so hard and mee! Its me who is has to work and I work but still maths is something which just doesn’t get inside my brain!!!! I NEED HELP!!!

Dead Butterfly!


Dead butterfly!

Not everyone is blessed to die beautiful!!
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Don’t let a bad experience change the within you!!

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Life is about more than principles!
Its about bunking a class!
Its about stealing tiffin box!
Its about hiding buddy’s stuff!
It’s definitely about more than principle!

I feel loved when she annoys me!!

A SISTER!! We all have a sister,if not real then cousin,for sure. And I am sure that you all will agree with me that a sister is  fulltoo  a bollywood character.A sister is a person in whome we find a strict father,a loving mother,a caring brother and a very(&when I say very,i mean it) good friend. Sister’s love is just not all about hugs or gifts or all sweet talkings (actually these things have very less worth and happens once in a while), it’s actually all about fights. No matter how bad that fight may be or how silly the reason be but at the end of the day its her pyaar (love) only and we know this love because after a bad,very bad fight a younger sister says you Didi (even when she is complaining about you) and the elder one comes to younger one and says “i know ki meri galti thi but,shuru tumne hi kiya tha!” Sister is one who is sweet but can be irritating at the same time,she is caring but can be annoying as well but she annoys only because bina behan ko tang kiye ek behan ka khana ni pachta. And that is why I feel loved when she annoys me!!
Situations faced by younger sisy-
Every younger sisy is embarrassed infront of her friends because of her elder sisy who unknowingly tells your childhood polls like, how young-y used to get scared from ants..etc or she calls you with a funny pet name which she keeps everyday.
Situations faced by elder sisy-
Every elder-y is annoyed when her youngy does not let eledery one to play with her friends because she cannot run as fast as you can or does not let you gossip with your friends and when you ask her to leave she refuses.. And that moment is a hell moment (personal experience)!!

One argument that happens everyday-
+ Can you give me some water
-You can take it on your own
+ Pass me that bowl
-no reply
+My lovely sisy
-no reply or kaam kya hai (what work do you have?)
like this post if you agree
And leave a comment telling your silly story of you and your sister & if there is something that u don’t understand, do ask!!
Celebrating the bond of brother, sister / sister, sister

When you are growing up in India!


When you are growing up in India, you don’t have time for your friend’s birthday party!
Because you are too busy, attending classes!
When you are growing up in India,
you don’t have time to catch your tennis class!
Because you are busy in becoming a Doctor!
When you are growing up in India,
you don’t have time to chill around with with your colony friends, everyday!
Because you are too busy in preparations of Engineering!
When you are growing up in India,
You don’t have time to read novels,
Because you are busy in eating up physics formulae!
When you are growing up in India,
You don’t have time to joke!
Beacuse you are too busy in understanding the value of time, books, future & job from your every single relative!


Humanity needs to be upgraded!

Cows have a very important place in Hindu Mythology.  Hindus pray cows as they are considered as God. But it is really sad to see how animals are neglected here! How Gods are neglected here! This cow has been struck by an unknown vehicle & is suffering with great pain from two days. No one reached out for medical help! All people around it just  kept some … Continue reading

Nature, interdependent !

Let me know about your thoughts on my this capture! :)

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We will always have a friend who is always there in shaddy and sunny day, in high and low time
& keep liking your every status, picture, post & will be the first one to say “hi” when you come online!!


Tell if me it is true with you aswell!!


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