Humanity needs to be upgraded!

Cows have a very important place in Hindu Mythology.  Hindus pray cows as they are considered as God. But it is really sad to see how animals are neglected here! How Gods are neglected here! This cow has been struck by an unknown vehicle & is suffering with great pain from two days. No one reached out for medical help! All people around it just  kept some … Continue reading

Nature, interdependent !

Let me know about your thoughts on my this capture! :)

We will always have a friend who is always there in shaddy and sunny day, in high and low time
& keep liking your every status, picture, post & will be the first one to say “hi” when you come online!!


Tell if me it is true with you aswell!!

Abusing me, Bitching me, KEEP IT ONN!!

Talk behind my back.

Keep bitching about me.

Keep abusing me.

Imitate my actions & make fun of mine.

Keep spreading rumors about me hooking with a new guy, every new day.

Keep going  with your comments.

& Keep it on!!

Because Bae I love the attention and importance you give to me! 

I love to see you, take time from your busy schedule and noticing  me!

I love you for reminding me about my flaws!

Bae, I love you for making me a better person!

& please  Keep it onn!!





A place where you can be a Real You! PHOTOGRAPG

A place where you can be a Real You!
A place like home is nowhere, and it is true! Three babies of a Bulbul couple were enjoying there carefree life in their cozy nest when they were caught by my camera!


She is not angry on her destiny for making it homeless..
But, she is angry on most intelligent creature on Earth for being Heartless!!

For more pics of it check out this link-

Entry in Facebook

Good morning
I am really happy to announce that I have expanded to facebook (only few moments have passed) and my page is by the name “Fotografie”. It will be really nice of you if you have a look of it. Please Like my facebook page & share with your friends! Link is below! Enjoy!
Thank you!


Last installment from Srinagar

What can be better when nature itself posses for you!! :D :D


Accept me, if you can!


I’m a girl with wounds on knees,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl, who does not know how to cook,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl who always had a racket in one hand and ball in other,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl with no dressing sense,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl who does not know anything about make-up,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl who love pajamas & can wear it everyday & everywhere,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl with brown color,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl with specs,
Accept me if you can!
I’m a girl who is most comfortable in sport shoes,
Accept me if you can!
I know I am a girl with many blemishes,
But you know what, i’ve accepted the original you, so now
Accept me, if you can!
But  accept the original me!

Want to see a w…

Want to see a well-mannered, well-cultured & a perfect girl?
Make her stand near her Crush!!!


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