Abusing me, Bitching me, KEEP IT ONN!!

Talk behind my back.

Keep bitching about me.

Keep abusing me.

Imitate my actions & make fun of mine.

Keep spreading rumors about me hooking with a new guy, every new day.

Keep going  with your comments.

& Keep it on!!

Because Bae I love the attention and importance you give to me! 

I love to see you, take time from your busy schedule and noticing  me!

I love you for reminding me about my flaws!

Bae, I love you for making me a better person!

& please  Keep it onn!!





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About Sensible Teen

Hello dear!! Let me introduce you to myself. My name is Vidisha Kaithal & I am a 16 year old, an Indian girl! I've chosen this platform to express myself and also to interact with other people! I love exploring other cultures and learning! I love traveling & food, as well!! I love photography and I am a proud owner of a fb page "FOTOGRAFIE" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fotografie/1508857909326381?ref=hl So follow my blog fast so that we can share our thoughts with each-other!!! Lets become friends!!! :) :) :) YEAAYE :) :) :) M WAITING!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

4 responses to “Abusing me, Bitching me, KEEP IT ONN!!

  1. stay strong :) this writing truly expresses your feeling. i too, find that writing helps me with a lot of probs! hehehe nice blog btw

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