Knowing yourself is important!

OK! “One” in life achieves a lot but every time that One has to prove himself. The glory of achievement has it’s effect for a shorter duration because every time when he achieves something, a bigger achievement is waiting there, glaring at you. Like it’s saying आओ, आओ ना। देखे िकसमे कितना है दम! Hehehe. I don’t know if it is making any sense or not. I have no idea if you are understanding it or not but I really want this thought to be out of my system and that’s the reason why I am blogging it. Everyone, no matter what he becomes in life, how many good works he did but he will be judged for what he didn’t or couldn’t do!
But I think that during such thoughts it’s important to see yourself from your eyes! Because no one knows you better than yourself. You should know your achievements. At the end of the day, you should be satisfied with yourself. :)

Why Love should Win #LoveWins


USA legalized same sex marriage!! Yoohoo!! Congratulations!! Even twitter is celebrating this day. If you tweet with #LoveWins they will add a rainbow heart !! How cool!!
 It will definitely bring a change (for good) in our society. SC’s decision is a tight slap on orthodox people! This decision is not only good for people who wants to get married to same sex but also to straight people!  Yes! Let me explain it to you. Often we hear that people who are Gay or lesbian, etc are forced to marry straight people in order to protect their so called “prestige”. In these cases, both become the victim.   Now those people at least have law by their side. They can marry whom so ever they want. And with this step, people will start accepting themselves which will eradicate many social evils.
I wish same thing happens in India also! 

After effects of watching a Horror Movie!

Well, girls are often believed to be “The Gender”,  which doesn’t or cannot watch horror movies but dude, I am special case you see. I love horror movies and I love to admit it more. 😜  Just now I’ve finished watching “Paranormal Activity” (finally watched a movie after so long :) )and it has simply blown my mind away.


It’s a movie that leaves an indescribable effect on mind. With that I realized that everyone who watches a horror movie experience the hangover for at least  that night. And down is the description of my hangover  🍺
1) I become a werewolf. I mean that after watching a horror movie I could notice minute movements and sounds.
2) Well, I am not very religious but believe me, when you are expecting an unexpected gost from behind the curtains then it’s only the god’s name and mantras that comes to mind. Suddenly I started regretting about that fast (व्रत) which  I was not able to keep! I suddenly became spiritual! 🙏


3) After watching a  horror movie I started doubting on every person, from a stranger to family. I started wondering whether they are really people or ghosts disguised as people! 👻
4) My brain started competing with your imagination. At a point I knew that nothing will happen. The next day I have to go to school, anyway! But still, fear is natural. After all we are all humans not celareo!


5) An after effect of watching a horror movie will be horrifying only, duh!!!


I hope you could relate to it :)



It’s so strange that sometimes you can share what is going on in your mind with someone who is completely stranger to you (and thanks to social media, there is no shortage of strangers). Maybe only because that person is stranger. You some how trust that person and know that what you are sharing won’t come out and don’t have to worry about being judged. Actually you don’t give a damn about being judged by that person who is completely stranger to you. So does that mean you can’t express your mind with someone who is near to you because of the fear that you will be judged or the other won’t be able to understand you. Yes, this means exactly that! But during past few days I’ve realized that there is absolutely nothing that people near to you can’t understand. It may take  few days, weeks but at the end they will understand you. Trust me. Actually everyone around you is there because of some personal benifits but your family and friends, who are there before they have actually got the meaning of words like betrayal and back stabbing will understand you. During past few days, certain situations made me realize this. They will understand you, if not now then definitely after some time!! ☺☺
You know what, at few times I felt that maybe this is all about for books, but very soon (mostly) I realize that it is true!!  😁😁

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Chat with Margee Sharma!! Indian Youtuber

Margee Sharma

Namestey everyone! :)
Today I have something really special! And the special stuff is {drumrolls please} Margee Sharma !!! =O She is an amazing ” Beauty” YouTuber from India. Her community is growing every day and soon she’ll touch another milestone, i.e. ‘1000 Subscribers‘. It’s a big thing, especially in India because most people are not Intrested in YouTube Culture . I recently interviewed her and she was a Sweetheart throughout the session!! Let’s directly hop into it! –


Q.1) Introduce yourself Please- you, your education, ambition.

A.1) “This answer is on my twitter bio!! Do check!”image

Q.2) You are just a 9  months old, Youtuber and about to reach ‘1000’ subscribers! How do you feel?

A.2) “It’s such an over whelming Feeling! That people have expected me with soo much of love!! I really wanna reach out to ppl in a different ways &  I hope that it keep growing more n more!! I wanna make each n every girl/ guy the most beautiful n amazing person in this world.

Q.3) An “emoji” that instantly comes on your mind when you hear “Relationship (bf-gf )”

A.3) image  

Q.4) Why does fashion field excites you?

A.4) Fashion is a vast growing industry n it will keep on growing!! I always had the passion for creating designs n want my viewers or ppl all across the world to wear my label of clothing item n FEEL “FABULOUS”! n I wanted to create my sense of style n my element in my clothes. O:)

Q.5) Your thought on “beauty needs heavy pocket”

A.5) “Beauty does need heavy pocket but that doesn’t mean that everyone should buy the most expensive product!! But choose wisely what needs more money n if u can find a dupe for a similar product that is perfect!! & Save up for the product which you feel that Money is WORTH it!

Q 6) One imagery pet you would like to own?

A.6) “I love Elephants so is i can have a elephant mixed with a Unicorn who can actually fly!! That will be AWESOMEMMEEEEEE <3 



Here it was! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Margee Sharma



Margee’s_Instagram- margeesharma

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I feel like a pet,
A pet in a golden cage.
A pet for virtual pleasure!
Yes, I feel like that.
One, which was bought with promises and values,
But now became an hobby,
Which needed attaintion once a week!

Kapil Dev, ready to get addition!


Kapil Dev debuts in Twitter world!

Sachin Tendulkar is considered to be “the God” of Indian cricket history but if there is someone above this God, then he has to be  Kapil Dev ! Every match that he had played are legendary! The hunk of his time still retain his charm. He is 56 and again taught all of us a lesson, “You are never old to try something new!” Yes! Today he has entered in the city of “Twitter” and created a buzz. And if he has entered in this city then it is for sure that soon he’ll be addicted to it! :)  His short videos with  personal messages, which he has posted on twitter,  to the celebs like Sania MirzaYuvraj Singh , MS Dhoni, seems that he wants to get noticed in this crowded city. (Sir, how can Super God remain unnoticed!) In all his videos there was something in common. He has talked about his new league! Which is already trending on twitter, India with #EkNayiLeague . This league is interesting because he has not only invited players from cricket to tennis but also to comedian Kapil Sharma (my favorite) ;) I am  already being impatient to know what will be this league about and if you also want to know, or want to watch his videos then go, follow Kapil Dev on twitter! :) I hope that he genuinely likes the twitter life!
Meanwhile, I am also on twitter, if you want then we can also follow each other and have fun! Vidisha Kaithal

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