Based on real story.

We, the girls, go through a lot of things everyday. So much so that we start doubting ourselves when we get something easily. We are so much accustomed to pain that if we don’t get it, we pray for it. And one such pain is ‘PERIOD PAIN’!

Taking about myself, I am somebody who is very particular about my cycles and the apps for tracking the date is the evidence to prove it. So, for this month my date was 5th May. Right from the start of the month, I start dreading about it. And just don’t get me started about the anxiety that I have while sleeping on the night of 4th May. Since I had my exams from 7th of May so I was studying and I didn’t realised when I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I was expecting a whole lot of mess down there but to my surprise, it was all clear! From that day, I kept checking a zillion times a day. Whenever I went to the loo, I was dissapointed, strangely. Strangely because I ABSOLUTELY hate periods. Although with every disappointment came a sigh of relief but it was not for a long time.

Days passed and finally my exam day (7th May) arrived. Before going to college, I thought I should not take any risk. “What if my period would start while writing the exam?”, so I went all prepared.

After those three hours of vigorous writing from 3 pm- 6 pm, I came back to my hostel. I was really tired since I just had 4 hours of sleep the previous night and had been studying the whole time, the thought of resting was just dancing on top of my head. But I thought to do laundry and eat some cornflakes before I finally sleep.

After doing all these work, lying on my bed was so relaxing that I don’t have any word to explain it. Listening to some soothing songs, I peacefully slept at 10.

In middle of my sleep, I felt something and immediately realised what it was. My eyes opend wide and I checked my phone. I had just slept for two hours and NOW I will have to get up! The guest had arrived! The whole fucking day, I had my pad on and for one time when I thought I won’t rain, it started to rain! I know that I was hoping it to start a few days back but I was really pissed that time! Not only I had to get up and change, I had to wash clothes too. I was really irritated that time but somehow manage to do it all.

Also, only we women know that, periods do not just brings blood but also a whole lot of things. For starters, pain! It’s not just my lower abdomen but my back and legs are hurting too. So much so that I feel my veins might just pop out. I can’t sit properly neither can I sleep. Since I stay alone in my room, there is no one with whom I can share this. Also it’s way too late to wake my fellow hostel-mates. I decided to eat. People think that I eat because I am a foodie instead I eat because it is my way of releasing stress. I checked the fridge and it had stuffed-brinjals. I was dancing and eating stuffed-brinjals (which I completly hate but was somehow craving for it) in the kitchen, completely enjoying myself. Then I returned to my room. I started to feel really lonely so I decided to watch a comedy bollywood movie ” PHIR HERA PHERI (2000)”. It’s a classic. While watching the movie at 4:00 am, I was laughing. But at the same time, I was crying too. Then when I realised it, I started to laugh on myself while crying! (the wonders that periods make happen, I tell you!)

Then I just couldn’t contain myself, I left my movie and went back to the kitchen and cried my heart-out for a good an hour and so I pacified myself. I revised the drill of the week inside my head and told myself that it would be over soon. When I was done I thought to blog about it. I don’t know why I can’t sleep again, but leave it. Eventually I will sleep.

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Delhi Diary : Small town girl makes her way to the Capital of the country!


Let me start by telling you about myself.

Hello, my name is Vidisha Kaithal. I’m born and brought up in a small and not so fancy city Allahabad, India. I have recently got admission in a college of Delhi and that’s what brought me to dilwalo ki dilli!

Ever since I had an idea about going to college, I always wanted to have one in Delhi. Delhi has always been my first love, afterall where will you find such an amazing mocktail of history, present and future!

I’ve been here a few times before but then, things were different. I was with my parents, which meant that I didn’t had to worry about anything. I knew that I would get the best possible facilities. Also, I was a kid back then so the tall buildings and zig zag going flyovers just amazed me and that feeling stuck with me to this date.

In my city, Allahabad, I always had this constant pressure to live, behave and do certain things which were approved by certain people. Since all my energies and curiosities were boxed I turned into an introvert. And when I used to be in Delhi, I observed that no body interferes in others life. One can do whatever she/he wants to do, right or wrong. The most important thing was that I could finally take my own decisions!

So before the cut offs were announced, I had little hope that I could make it due to several reasons.

  • I had not scored as I had planned.
  • My family had second thoughts about sending me to an alien place where I had to manage everything from scratch.
  • It is DELHI. It’s believed to be an unsafe place for girls.

I had applied in many colleges and got call back from several of them. One college was a prestigious girls private college from Jaipur. It was good, really good in terms of education. The campus had all sorts of facilities like swimming pool, tennis court etc. One can learn horse riding, shooting and what not. It was built in such a way that one doesn’t needs to go out of the campus. It had restaurants, markets from where you can get anything. Literally anything. My only problem was that the college provided too much security to girls.

I know it’s really good considering the outside world, but I wanted to face the “outside world “. I did not wanted this controlled and protected environment because I was already getting it at home. I want to explore how the world actually functions and interact with different kinds of interesting people and know their stories. I want to explore myself, find what I truly enjoy and make my own way to achieve my dreams. I want to grow up into a confident woman who is always ready to face any problem. And all this is possible only if I could be in Delhi, away from my parent’s shelter!

Since I had little hope to get into that specific college, and also because of my parent’s confused state of mind, I decided to take a solo trip to DELHI from ALLAHABAD.

I was travelled alone for the very first time. I had never even went to a market alone and here was I sitting in train and ready to go to Delhi. Those two days and a night trip was the best trip ever! I wish I could tell what all happened! 😉

Four days later , on 19/6/18, first cut off was released and on that night itself I went back to Delhi and on 20/6/18 I took admission in my dream place/college.

So I can conclude that I didn’t chose the college, I chose the city. Because in both the colleges I was getting my subjects i.e. psychology.

Now a new life, new adventure and lots of drama is waiting for me. After 10 days approximately, I’ll enter in a life which won’t be any less than a reality show! I hope all this takes me to my goal.😇


Know my real time madness in super fancy place from my instagram – @vidishakaithal

Why you and me are bad bloggers?


So I have been blogging on and off for roughly 2 two years now but I still consider myself to be a newbie.

The reason for this is, I have not been a regular blogger so I have really not figured it out properly. I have tried and experimented with alot of things and I am still exploring! I’m still trying to figure out what is that I am able to explain or carter best to you guys like another newbie.

What makes me going and keep trying, is my love for blogging! It just gives me so much happiness and unburdens me in a way which is actually magical!

But even after all these emotions involved, sometimes you must have felt, like I do, that we are not good bloggers. This feeling hits me, especially when I have put all my heart and soul to a post but it gets few likes where as a simple good morning of another blogger gets more than needed attention!

So I have come up with 5 reasons because of which I can’t continue blogging or keeps discouraging me

from being a regular blogger! And they are as follows :

1- Bad Grammar

I am an Indian, so naturally English is not my mother tongue. Though I have studied in an English medium school all my life but still, I am not good at it because I have studied it only to fetch decent marks.

I know, I have an alternate option, i. e. Hindi. But I don’t want to limit myself to Indians. The main reason, why I am on wordpress is to know about the diverse cultures and people!


So on social platforms, a girl is generally expected to be a beauty blogger or review beauty products and all. Honestly, being a girl that I am, I am not very much interested in this area. I mean I like getting dressed up and look awwwwwemazing. Maybe I future I also review some products or do something similar but talking, writing and thinking about makeup all the time is just not possible for me. I am not a very makeup person to be very honest so this option is also not for for me.

3- Not rich

So I belong to a decent family where all my necessities and demands are fulfilled. But going out every other day for a week of vacation or to any super expensive restaurant for a meal is absolutely irrational thought. And even though if my parents could afford it, I don’t think they would allow me for it!

4- No expensive equipments

Since I don’t have money as I am still studying and hence unemployed, I can’t afford those expensive cameras or paid photo editing apps. If I could, at least I could be a instagram photographer 😉 Like now a days every other person is.

Btw my instagram account is @vidishakaithal Message me “wordpress” so that I can know you came from here and become better friends! I would loooove that! ‹3

5- Talent

Didn’t you read the title of the post properly? It says

Problems with every new average blogger like ME!

Yes! It says average ! So since I am not a prodigy, my specific skills are not high. And definitely not high in writing! So even though I know all the fancy and decorated words but whenever I need them, they just run and hide themselves to the back of my mind. So my every post eventually turn out to be an average post altogether!


These are the 5 problems with me. Do you also feel like this sometimes?

Let me know if you could relate with me in the comments section! 🙂

Blue Sky Tag Blog


I am ecstatic by this nomination. 😃 I would like to thank Shraddha didi for nominating me for Blue Sky Tag. You really made my day and I would request everyone to visit her amazing blog Shraddha1993👧




1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer


 Question are: 

1: What is your mistake you want to rectify?

Ans: Wasting an academic session.

2: Which is my of mine you like the most?

Ans: My achievements  💫

3: What will be the story title of your life?

Ans: ‘Story of My Life’

4: What is your best destination  to travel?

Ans: Any place where I haven’t been before.🏝

5: What is your Favorite  topic to discuss  about?

Ans: Every topic with my best friend is my favorite!

6: Whom are you most attached  to?

Ans: My pet dog 🐶

7:  What is the most important  thing for you?

Ans: My success ⛤

8: What incident  is best you want to revive?

Ans: Many people have asked me this question and I always say that my best moment is yet to happen and I am waiting for it.

9: If you get a chance  to meet me what will be your first sentence?

Ans: “Hi, Shraddha di! You nominated me for blue sky tag, remember?” 😉

10: If you have to give me a topic to write on what topic will you give?

Ans: A post about yourself. Not like favorite color or something  but like how you react in difficult times or what makes you upset etc.  It will tell how well you know yourself.



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  2. which achievement of yours you are most proud off?
  3. if you are really drunk, you are most likely to?
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  5. one word for Bollywood.
  6. Last message to your ex would be?
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  11. One dish you absolutely love?  ❤


This guy, told her to come to work in her underwear to be equal to men!


So I just heard about the following news and I request you to watch it before you proceed:Mirror Now editor Faye D’Souzashut down this guy who told her to come to work in her underwear to be equal to men.


I won’t repeat the history of women and their struggle for equality because we already know that, studied about that and even if you don’t, then you can Google and know about it from A to Z.

This makes me think, can we ever come out of our hipocracy? Can our thinking actually progress, like for real?

Obviously, what Mulana Sahab said was really saddening. Saddening because I wonder what blunders he must have taught to those numerous people who had come to him.

This incident has already made a splash over web. But will this actually bring any change? These are the same people who would blame Anushka Sharma for bad performance of Virat Kohli and after 10 days would criticise others for the same reason. Afterall they actually work for views.

But I have five questions:

1- Will this mentality ever change?

2- Will women be actually accepted the way it is portrayed on women’s day ?

3- Didn’t he felt humiliated to speak like that on live television?

4- How many people not only in india but around the world share this kind of cheap orthodox thinking?

5- Is there any end to this?


What do you think?


But what the best part is that whenever such people think themselves to be supreme, then strong women like Faye D’Suza come to put them back in their place.  😎👧