Thanks to Italian chef David Rocco


I am really greatful to sir Rocco. Just because of his show ” david rocco’s dolce india”,I think ,the world can see a better India nd it’s real food culture. Before this ,i’v seen many famous tv show’s people had come but only in one state and showed people(on tv) gajar ka halwa or any other random stuff. Our food heritage is much more than halwa(it’s not dat i don’t like it,i love it. But its the matter of fact). He,i mean Rocco, travelled the whole India and covered not only different food cultures but also important festival like Holi.
Then ,I don’t blame,i mean that big blame,to other tv shows like “food safari” because they also have their time bounds and most importantly it is actually very difficult to imagine that every state is different from each other in india and so is its culture. So to cover every thing one tv show needs whole season to show everything!!


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