Look the Sunny Side


I was in the womb,

I didn’t know of whom.

I was growing and developing,

Day by day and second by second.

After a certain time,

I got this notion on my mind.

Something was missing,

Something, which was not letting me grow stronger, sharper or I should say as a king.

It took me about hundred days,

For me to take birth with grace.

Then I realized I was centered by jungles.

I realized I was among the royalties

But at the same time I was clumsy.

I realized my sisters and brothers were born death.

And I was the only alive cub left.

I looked at the queen of “Gir”,

Or I should say my mother called “liril”.

She looked unhealthy and gloomy.

On that very time I noticed helicopters flying above me.

They said, “The sunny part is, we have at least one king left.

I grew up and went clumsier.

And now, I didn’t have my mother near.

My mother,

To look after my feed,

To look after my need.

Now, no one was there to make me feel healthier,

Who can share my place which was little lonelier.

Earlier I used to hunt deers,

But now, nobody even hears.

Actually there is no one to hear

My needs, my wishes,

My love, my cries.

I was hungry from long time,

But no one came to ask me why “Valentine”.

I was clumsy,

I realized it was because of my hunger,

And now, my hunger is the reason of my death!

But the sunny part is I can take rebirth,

As a king, as a lion yet,

Because there are not too many kings left!

Gir Lion

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