When you meet people without “Humor”…

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Ok,everytime we meet people then we try from our side to entertain  them. We want, atleast I try my best to be friendly and good enough. And when you meet someone totaly stranger then to start some conversation , ofcourse ,after those default statements-Hi,hello,how are you?,which school or class are you in,etc.,we discuss about  common interest that we share or we go into the most exausting section “jokes”! If you don’t find the joke of other person funny then we make faces indicating that c’on dude you think your funny,you are not!! & to make it humble we smile & if the other person gives that look & smiles then things things get worse! But,b-u-t,b…..u……t things get even worst when the person infront of you starts judging you on that bases! Things get worst when you can’t explain that those jokes were merely for fun,and come on,you also laughed!(excuse me ,I can differentiate between made up and real laugh,ok??!!) And then,when you explain it to them and they don’t believe you,I go mad!! I am like-you know what do hell with you, your over efficient brain & your thoughts about me!!! My world just does not revolve around you only!! Get lost!!! I have many more people who know me,understand me & believe me!!!
Well, let me tell you that such people or situations are not that bad when we compare it with the people or the situation created  by the the people who are near & dear to us! People around whome our world actually revolves! Sometimes my parents act in a more kiddish way than my younger sisy! Yes & that moment is really horrible! I love you Papa & Mummy but really, stop thinking too much and trying hard to figure out the ” imaginary” meaning behind my words!! And try to take things “lightly”! Pleeeease!!! Today things went a step ahead!! Papa suggested some vacation stops for this holiday & as usual my joker side burst out (what do i do, It just happens!!). I joked about a place & my dad’s reaction-Ok! Thats it! We are not going! I was like -_- I was kidding then dad said -“its ok,keep kidding”!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious!!!!!! You are cancelling a trip just because of a horrible joke!!! Where did your those qualities gone??? Arrreeee that only-once I think, I do it; dat commitment towards goal??!! Where have your these qualities gone???? Every now & then you give me a dose of commitment of achieving goal… You cannot back off like this.. Baccho par kya asar pade gaa (what impression will go on kids)?????!!!! Think parents think!!!! Accha its a request haaan and remember I love you!!! 🙂 *-*

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