Transform yourself!!


It was a bright summer morning when the sun was at it’s best. I got a call from a friend of mine and she had asked me to come at her place regarding some project work so we, I mean I and my other friends were soon  at her place. More than our project work, as usual, we were more busy in clicking pics,eating,gossiping,etc. “For our next meeting, we’ll be coming on our cycles”, this was the idea that came to me (after seeing my other friends) and it was most exciting for me because i’ve never been out of my parent’s shade! My friend who is male actually tried hard to make us (like me there were 2 more girls)realize that its not “safe” but, you know boys can’t win an argument! So after everybodies “yes”,i’ve started with my practice. I asked my parents that whether I can go along with my brother for shopping on cycle. Yes,my parents are protective but not conservative! So they agreed and I went to the nearest departmental store. A shop in which my family has been going to from years. The moment I entered I was confident.I had the list, cash and my jute bag. While I was doing my shopping,a store worker bumped on me intentionally!(& i’m sure that every girl in India has faced this situation)! I pushed him back forcefully! I shouted at him! He was an ugly looking man and his mouth was full with pan and this kind of behavier was expected from him. But the reaction I got from the people aroud me, amoused me! All around me there were girl workers and after seeing this they “Smiled”!!!!!@#% What the hell!!! §@#% These girls were actually being happy!! And soon I discovered the reason. So the reason was that,that FUGLY man was giving attaintion,actually ugly attention to all girl workers out there & those girls were enjoying it!! Because of these, groundless girls such heck people gain encouragement! These girls set wrong examples of “girls” and then when something goes wrong they start blaming the govt., their policies, etc!! They need to understand the difference between mordernisation & vulgarity!! I’ve noticed that very easily youth gives a leacture that it all happens in “modern world” and this mindset is wrong! A girl can never be touched without her permission no-matter which the world is!! And such FUGLY boys have actually polluted the whole sex of Males!
Yes, thats true!!!!! See, like you might have noticed that in this article there was that man & my male friend! My friend cleaning the image of males! He has respect for women and there integrity & that man doing all vice versa!! This what happens when a the whole group is judged on the basis of few members! Even today, when a girl in India meets an unknown man she needs courage to even look infront because she is just afraid that maybe this stranger turns out to be a villan!! She is afraid in even asking the route because you never know at which poit he grap holds you!! (come on, don’t say that you are never hesitant in meeting stranger men) & if a geniune boy does a mistake like unknowingly touches a girl’s hand in crowed bus or something like that, she thinks something more drastic!! Because she is exposed to evil stories more than good ones!! According to me if our society is in this wrong way then putting all blame on males is wrong! Everyone is equally responsible! Girls like those sales girls are responsible & males with wrong mindset are responsible!! Audience who don’t do damn about issues and just comment on victims or say that all this happens here!! Who don’t take any action but when comes to talking they are great!! If we cannot change any situation then atleast we can improve our, personal thinking & when we are transformed the half of the world is already transformed!!

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