Humanity needs to be upgraded!



Cows have a very important place in Hindu Mythology.  Hindus pray cows as they are considered as God. But it is really sad to see how animals are neglected here! How Gods are neglected here! This cow has been struck by an unknown vehicle & is suffering with great pain from two days. No one reached out for medical help! All people around it just  kept some food & water infront of it! Its good but they should realize that at this moment it needs a Vet! It needs medical help! It needs a proper place to sit, to rest! it deserves a Cleaner place and clean water and food, not this dirty place where it is covered with mud and flies!! It deserves more and better!

What makes me more sad is that I cannot help this lovely creature! All I can do is, spread Awareness! Friends, if you see any animal in pain and if you can help it then please do it!


And your thoughts are welcomed here!

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