I feel loved when she annoys me!!


A SISTER!! We all have a sister,if not real then cousin,for sure. And I am sure that you all will agree with me that a sister is  fulltoo  a bollywood character.A sister is a person in whome we find a strict father,a loving mother,a caring brother and a very(&when I say very,i mean it) good friend. Sister’s love is just not all about hugs or gifts or all sweet talkings (actually these things have very less worth and happens once in a while), it’s actually all about fights. No matter how bad that fight may be or how silly the reason be but at the end of the day its her pyaar (love) only and we know this love because after a bad,very bad fight a younger sister says you Didi (even when she is complaining about you) and the elder one comes to younger one and says “i know ki meri galti thi but,shuru tumne hi kiya tha!” Sister is one who is sweet but can be irritating at the same time,she is caring but can be annoying as well but she annoys only because bina behan ko tang kiye ek behan ka khana ni pachta. And that is why I feel loved when she annoys me!!
Situations faced by younger sisy-
Every younger sisy is embarrassed infront of her friends because of her elder sisy who unknowingly tells your childhood polls like, how young-y used to get scared from ants..etc or she calls you with a funny pet name which she keeps everyday.
Situations faced by elder sisy-
Every elder-y is annoyed when her youngy does not let eledery one to play with her friends because she cannot run as fast as you can or does not let you gossip with your friends and when you ask her to leave she refuses.. And that moment is a hell moment (personal experience)!!

One argument that happens everyday-
+ Can you give me some water
-You can take it on your own
+ Pass me that bowl
-no reply
+My lovely sisy
-no reply or kaam kya hai (what work do you have?)
like this post if you agree
And leave a comment telling your silly story of you and your sister & if there is something that u don’t understand, do ask!!
Celebrating the bond of brother, sister / sister, sister

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