Know about #diwali2014 + HOW INDIANS REALLY CELEBRATE IT!



Ok, now let me tell you what  Diwali really is. So it’s a festival of lights! It symbolises the victroy of light or good over darkness or evil. It is celebrated according to indian lunar calendar. As you might know that Indians are always ready to celebrate. Our celebration is incomplete without prayers and are never ending. And such a combo festival is Diwali. So this festival, like others, is not a one day festival. It starts two days before the main day Diwali (every day has a special name and significance) & ends two days after Diwali.
For further information, contact our big brother “wikipedia” 😉
I was going through different sites and every where they have shown a very formal and sophisticated way of how Indians celebrate Diwali, so I am here to tell you how actually Indian celebrate it-
1) Ok, this fact is something that every Indian school going kid will agree. Before Diwali vacation, every principle of every school gives this warning that no one wil burst crackers in school campus, but still some daring dudes burst crackers which makes the most noise. Like really loud noise, and then i think they are not caught and become Dr. Bruce Banner & if they are caught then they are remembered forever as Hulk!
This is how kids celebrate!
2) You can never celebrate Diwali, without hearing a news that some major accident has taken place in some fhalana cracker making factory.
3) No kid is actually intrested in pooja, they are more intrested in sweets that has to be given after the Diwali pooja.(according to hindu, after every prayer, something, specially sweet is given to others as prasad to eat)
4) People clean and decorate their houses, because it is believed that godess Lakshmi (godess of wealth) comes only in a clean house. People decorate their homes with lights, diyas & clean every corner of their place.


5) Decorating and cleaning is the most traditional way of celebrating diwali but with time people started bursting crackers and gradually it became a custom.


But, with the increasing awareness regarding environment, this tradition is limited.
I hope that now you know why it is called a festivel of lights!

6) Diwali is all about shopping! Infact, the first day of Diwali (Dhanteras ) is purely for shopping jewelleries. And on main day, everyone wares new cloths. Girls make a point to be a total a desi girl because boys still like girls in salwar suite!
7) The next day of diwali, newspaper of India is flooded with the news of people who got burnt.
8) Diwali of poor children is actual the next morning of the main night beacuse on the next day they collect diyas and crackrs which still has that ability to burst!
9) Itz all about meeting and vositing our loved ones
So with this, I would like to end this article.
Happy Diwali

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