And he became a number!!



I called a friend of mine and said “kahan mar gaye ho, yaad hai naa ki kal Aayushi (other friend) ka birthday hai! Tum bhool mat jana ki tmko develope karwakr lani h”  (where have you died, do you remember that tomorrow is Aayushi’s birthday! You have to bring developed photos)
He replied “I am in bank, talk to u later” & banged the phone. I was wondering that what work he can have in bank. An hour before he had disconnected my calls. Then he called & said to not to worry as he’ll get the picz.
It was evening & I was watching television and my phone was in the other room in silent mode. Later, when I checked, I saw that I’ve got many missed calls from many numbers. I called to few of them, whichones I knew but no one picked. Then I watzapp an unknown number to my other friend to ask whether she knew it and then she told that it was of one of my classmate and asked me to call her. I called her & she told me that our friend “Achyut Singh” was no more! I was shoked! I was trying to controll my tears and called to my friend who was supposed to be in a bank. I told him about this unfortunate event then he told that he is was not in any bank but actually in “Achyut Singh’s” residence. He met an accident around 2:00 p.m & when taken by the police to hospital was declared death. He was on his new bike & struck a vehicle.He told that he did not wanted to spoil my mood. He told that around half of the school was there to support victim’s family. Everyone had a heavy heart. It was late night by then and I wanted to be a part of his last farewell! But as travelling during late nights are not safe, my friends who were already there didn’t allowed me to come. The next day, newspapers & our principal told that he was not eligible to drive as well as doing rash driving. Many people die because of their carelessness. His parents were actually wrong. They should have not allowed their son to drive as he was only 16years old. (in India, one is eligibel to drive when she has a licence and is above 18 years). And today’s youngsters think doing stunts is cool but it’s not! Its dangerous! It has taken my friend away & I request you to protect you friends by forcing them to obey rules. My friends were there there during his kriya-karam (funeral) and they told me that his face was totally deformed and his eye has popped out from his face. He was the only son and his parents are you going through a great pain. RIP ACHYUT SINGH. Though you were a very naughty kid nearly a devil but losing you is a great loss! Your conference was commendable.. Remember that road rules are important & all rules are not to be broken!! Accidents can happen to you,aswell! I know that it was his mistake but a loss is a loss… Now he is just a number who died on road.. Stay safe!

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