Should I be proud of this India?



I had always been a proud citizen of India but sometimes I feel so helpless and bad. I had always asked people of other countries to visit India but later I realise that what will I show them, the work done by people around 100 years ago! Now, we can only show them poverty, child-labour, girls being harassed or old women sitting beside the road and trying to earn their living. Inside a school it is taught that child labour is wrong but right outside the school noone cares about this child who is dirtributing pamplates.


People who are rich have many land plots, left carelessly but outside there are many who don’t have a proper closed place to even go to toilet. When a person from a city visits a village then he only tries to show how superior he is but only few actually work for making other’s condition better.


Once, when I was around 9 or 10, I saw a girl of my age working in my house and I couldn’t accept that situation. I asked her to leave but she said that her mom was ill and if she didn’t work then her family will suffer. Then I decided to teach her. I taught her every evening and then she stopped coming. My brother told that she had started going to a proper school and I was very happy. But when I was in class 8 my brother told that she is married. I was stunned! I was shoked! I listened my maid telling my mother that poor people make their daughters marry in early age to reduce the risk of getting raped or so that they don’t fall in love and take decisions all by themselves. Like really??!! How ridiculous that is… Is this India??!! Is this a Golden Bird??!! Seeing such people every where is frustrating and I don’t want it to continue. I want to make a difference. My mother says that once I get a degree then i’ll be able to change everything but I think why to wait for a perfect time to be served infront of me. I know the importance of degree but I want to make a start right now. I want to bring a change. I want to create an opportunity. I want to work for the once who need me as Vidisha Kaithal as a human not as some post-holder!


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