5 rules to follow on Indian roads!


India is of two kinds-
1) The tiptop or the high-class one
2)The so called down to earth or the small town citizens.
In every Jimmy Choo person there is a Bata kind of person and in every roti kind, there resides a brown bread. In tip-top cities everything is in proper place like dustbins and public-toilets but in small cities or villages you need to do everything in open! In big cities traffic rules are followed because the number of cops there are increased. I live in Allahabad (a small city) where street lights had came on roads around 4 months ago and by this time I could read the situations & peoples accuratly so I thought that why not to share 5 rules to follow on Allahabad roads!
1- If you see a green signal from 10 km then start considering yourself as Amir Khan, no not of p.k. but of Dhoom movie and accelerate your bike so that you don’t have to wait for 50 sec before going to buy a pack of cigarettes!


2-If you see cops checking helmets and you don’t have one then borrow from the one who is going to another lane and ask him to return later & Put on seat belts as soon as you see cops other-wise its not at all important as long as you have an idol of god in your car (if had done any sin in your past life then god can also not help you!).


3-Always stand “on” zebra crossing during red light!


4-If you break red light then start pretending that you have not seen lights while driving.


5-If you don’t stop on red light for the second time then pretend that no one has ever taught you that which light stands for which instruction!


If you will follow all there rules then you will live happily ever after! šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “5 rules to follow on Indian roads!

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