My friend & me on first day of school after holidays!



I am on my bed, under my quilt, quite awake but trying to sleep more. It gets really difficult to leave a cozy qulit & a warm room. After 3 hrs, i’ve to go to school and right now, I am wondering that how to have bath with minimum possible water & making an account of cloths in my mind which are warm + classy, as today is the first day after holiday season. What makes this job more difficult is the fact that my younger sister’s holidays are still going on. She is watching t.v. & I am watching my maths book, trying to be the “all I know” girl! She is thinking about a yummy breakfast and me trying to remember my wooden, hard seat. I can see, through the closed windows, the cold, harsh, windy & gloomy day calling me out and trying to swallow me in!
*twing* my phone rings & the message read-
My friend- “I am so excited to be in school! Oh my god, can’t wait to sit on my loving bench on a lovely weather! 😀 :)”
Me- “Ohh yes!! We think so much alike!!”

Twitter- @vidisha_kaithal

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