Me a superhero, when nothing is according to me!


It’s 12:37 a.m. of night and monday just started. Its 12°C and I want to go to pee, but it’s too cold for me to step out of my stunning, maroon quilt with golden patterns. And I am awake not because of any random reason but apparently because I am a good speaker of my class! Ohh yes!! On saturday, my class teacher told me that a good speaker’s speech of has to be recorded by the school and asked me to prepare a speech. And who works, when one has a sunday!! Like a.. aauh, A don’t know what type of girl, I woke at 3 am, studied till 7 in morning of sunday and went to sleep again then woke at 12 noon!!! I had to clean my room, watch t.v, surf net etc. And who works when one has a whole evening left! So it was 8 pm and I finally had a pen in my hand. It was 9 pm and I recieved a depressing message from dad, which he had received from our (me & my younger sister) school which read that tom. is a holiday for my sister of school and it will be a regular school day for me!
Like what??!! Have I put some kind of winter resistance creme?? Things were quite under control till now, but my brain blasted when I received another msg around 12 midnight from my dad which read that tom. is a holiday for me as well! Though, my bladder was hurting, and it was still cold, but I put my feet out & I DANCED!! I was happy!! I thought that it would be a good answer for my sister’s taunts & a big disappointment for her.. BUT, but, But, soon my father told that,
Dad: “Girl, u’ve been pranked! That msg was fake & u have your school tom. I did coz your sister asked me to do! That was fun!!”
Me: ” o_O Aahaa, caught you!! I knew it! School can’t stay open at 12 midnight!”
And I …


Picture: Shaktimaan is a super hero of Indian Television.

Twitter- @vidisha_kaithal

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