Today a thought just hit me very hard when I was doodling during my maths class! A proverb came into my mind and that was “Jitna milta hai, utne me kush hi rehna chahiye” (hindi). In english it means that one should stay happy in whatever he has/gets. I disagree with this proverb. I mean, a man without any wish, ambition, desire to achieve something in any stage of life would be like a mannequin. Why does a man spends so many years studying then working? Because he wants to earn a better living. If he applies this proverb then why will he go for higher studies? He can get the basic knowledge then go for any labour job because he got only this and now he has to be happy as he can at least able to earn a meal which is enough for staying alive! Everywhere, whatever happens is regarded as the wish of god but I say that unless you won’t fight for yourself then why will someone else, say god will help you. Learn to take your responsibility. If you have a bra and an underwear that does not mean that you should be thankful, happy & satisfied. Instead, aim for full clothes and work hard to get it! You just need to be fair & positive in this game. There are so many who loose, because their god had not chosen them to be winners and if this reason is true then today India would have not able to emerge as the World’s largest democracy. Indians would had accepted their defeat during First war of Independence and wouldn’t had fought again. But they fought for their Mother India because they were not happy in what they had and got success! So it’s important to be sensible and hard working!

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