How does it feels to be in “Secondary School”..


I am studying in class 10 and in about 30 days I’ll be promoted to class 11th. I have been in “Secondary School” for a long time, so I feel that I’m quite an eligible one to give my juniors some tips. So here are they-

1- Stay ready for weird reactions! e.g

Stranger- “In which class do you study in?”

You- “Class 10th”

Stranger- eye brows raised, eyes popped out and deformed lips.


2- Get ready to share your future plans with every single person, like what subject you’ll choose or what you want to become!


3- Be prepared for advises from every class 10th passed human!


4-Block you ears if you’ve made any mistake because then you’ll hear- “You don’t know this! Being a student of “Secondary School”, you should be knowing it!”


5- Parents will get weird-

You- “Mom can I go to Fedrick’s”

Mom- “No, you’re not that grown up!”

You- “Mom, can you cook me Maggie?”

Mom- “You’re in 10th, You’re grown up!”


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