My Granny died & the Priest refused to offer prayers!


2012-05-13 15.19.01On 9/02/2014, my lovely, illiterate grandmother passed away! Though, she herself was illiterate but she did every thing to make her children educated and it was her & grand father’s effort that today every child of their not only have an A-class job but also respect in society! NET one year has passed! My brother’s Whatsapp picture had also changed to our granny’s pic at 12:00 am sharp! Every single event of last year is flashing by my eyes like how we spent every second outside the ICU on 8/02/2014. I’ve always believed that one can never predict his/her day of departure but I don’t know how she did! She had always loved living in village and when we got to know about her illness we requested her to come to us (in city) for proper medication but she said that she could sense that she won’t return ever after & exactly that had happened! She was very brave, lying on bed during last couple of minutes, it takes courage to speak! Not only about family but also about cows, buffaloes & goats that she had. When my father and his 2 brothers asked her about her any wishes, she said that she wants to take her last breath in her home! In her village! & wants to get buried next to her husband! The distance to our village can be covered in three hours and at 3;00am, early morning, when doctors had raised their hands, my family was trying hard to fulfill her last wishes. I was asked to go home at 2:00am (early morning) because of my younger sister! Next morning, i.e. on 9th, 7:00 am, we received a call from our village! We were told that she was no more! Everyone told that at least we could fulfill her wish. Not only she opened her eyes at her heaven but she had also ate a biscuit and drank tea! My Grand Ma! We rushed to our village! And by the evening all rituals were done and burial ceremonies were also over. In Hindus, starting from the day of the death of a particular person, whether male, female or children, to the 13th day after his /her funeral a tradition called Teravih takes place. It involves praying to the departed soul and offering his/her favorite food then that food was given to everyone present. The prayer is supposed to be done by the priest but in our case it was us who did that! The priest came but during his presence everyone was instructed he would not accept anything touched by the lower caste people who were present their!

So this is a modern India, where if you can’t do hard work or succeed in getting a good job then you need to gain respect in society on the terms of caste and religion!

WE accepted that we don’t need any pandit to offer prayers to granny from us because the bound of us and granny is more strong and she knows how much we love her! This was the reason why we did all rituals all by ourselves instead of pleading in front of any priest!

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