Reviews on “India poochega sabse shaana kaun?” 3/5



Time : 9:00 to 10:00 pm
Channel: &TV
About : A reality show which gives chance to win Rs 1 cr to common people & celebrities.  Contestants have to answer question asked by common people and celebraties (last round) based on “down to earth” or street intelligence.
Reviews : King Khan’s re-entry on small screen has much awaited! SRK has always been pleasure watching on screen! Show started with common people being guest but after few episodes, it has gone all Glam (Cricketers > comedians > actor)! You can watch it for little gags (very little), gharelu nuskha or for SHAH RUKH KHAN! 😈 What worse is, that at many points, people ( including host) will be tring hard to be funny but the outcome will be DUH! If you are a fan of SRK (like I am) and 22 year, hot sexy chic 😉 & watching it only for him then trust me, after 35 mins you’ll become a roasted chicken!  11 episodes have gone and mine favorite was when cricketers had come. Rest all were boring! Sorry KHAN sir! :'(😰😭:| I’ll rate this show 3/5. 1 for SRK, 1 for wonderful guests (all) & 1 for cool questions! -2 for extra clapping and laughing irritating background music & silly jokes!


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