Committing Suicide!



Auh! Topic seems to be of one of those boring passage writing books with the cover having a classic pen and paper. But I promise that it won’t be full of statitics and messages from parents, teachers or councelers, rather it will have more of emotional aspects. More important, it will highlight the view point if a student. Student because mostly it’s the youngsters who commit suicide due to many problems. I’ve been thinking about blogging on this topic from a long time but the recent suicidal of a young girl from my school just forced me to type down my thoughts.


Auhh! I feel the pain! I heard someone blaming the only girl of the family. They said that what kind of girl was she, didn’t cared about her parents.”Just because she failed in Maths exam and her parents scolded, she committed suicide!!” Every one in school has been talking about this. But those, who have been talking don’t know the real story. No one knows how many sleepless nights she had spent, how much she had cried or walked on sharp, pointed pieces of taunts.


Every night, the thought of living another day and bearing people who only showed up to criticize must have been no less than a noose in anyway. She was dying, every day, every second and living in the hope that her parents will understand her. But their rudeness, must have killed her two – forth. The thought of her dull future and ignorance of friends must have killed her three – forth and her remaining life, that
Dupatta had taken away! No one understands, not even I can understand the intensity of pressure exerted on her every    single veins. If she or any one took such a drastic step then there must be any serious reason behind. The situation must have been pushing her to take this step. She must have thought that may be in future no one will remember about her failure but then thought that will others allow her to forget her. Most important, will they let her parents to forget about this. When she was being breathless and remembered her happy times with family and threw her hands to save herself but with  the instant thought of shaming her family, she must have closed her eyes. Lets be real, everyone, at some point of life feels like taking their life but only brave ones can do it. It was the mistake of her parents. They should have calmly taken this situation. Encouraged her to study well for the retest. If they would have said her it’s OK, then things might  have been different. A child totally depends on his /her parents. But her parents, before taking up the situation, showed her the list of  “No. of ways she had offended them”.  But still, after all this I think that she had taken a wrong decision. I mean just going away without letting her story to be known by anyone is just so unfair! She should have yelled at people and told what was she going through. There are always two ways of dealing a situation – Face it or Back it. If she would have faced it maybe the story would have been different! But destiny had other plans! Horrible plans!

4 thoughts on “Committing Suicide!

  1. Rachit Singh

    Somewhere between my friends ditching me for a girl and me scoring less marks than neighbor, I was being criticized by every coming day.
    Under a lot of pressure of being a “DUMB” kid I was kind of ashamed of myself.

    I Can’t figure out why I can’t think of suicide even when I am deeply hurt, all I think is
    ” Chal beta tujhe to kal btaunga 🙂 :p , How stress goes out of me, is still a part of my research. ”

    The hardest decision I make under pressure is to go to my hometown, thats all.

    I Don’t think ending the life makes any sense, I think one should live on to prove his worth.

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