Kapil Dev, ready to get addition!


Kapil Dev debuts in Twitter world!

Sachin Tendulkar is considered to be “the God” of Indian cricket history but if there is someone above this God, then he has to be  Kapil Dev ! Every match that he had played are legendary! The hunk of his time still retain his charm. He is 56 and again taught all of us a lesson, “You are never old to try something new!” Yes! Today he has entered in the city of “Twitter” and created a buzz. And if he has entered in this city then it is for sure that soon he’ll be addicted to it! 🙂  His short videos with  personal messages, which he has posted on twitter,  to the celebs like Sania MirzaYuvraj Singh , MS Dhoni, seems that he wants to get noticed in this crowded city. (Sir, how can Super God remain unnoticed!) In all his videos there was something in common. He has talked about his new league! Which is already trending on twitter, India with #EkNayiLeague . This league is interesting because he has not only invited players from cricket to tennis but also to comedian Kapil Sharma (my favorite) 😉 I am  already being impatient to know what will be this league about and if you also want to know, or want to watch his videos then go, follow Kapil Dev on twitter! 🙂 I hope that he genuinely likes the twitter life!
Meanwhile, I am also on twitter, if you want then we can also follow each other and have fun! Vidisha Kaithal

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