It’s so strange that sometimes you can share what is going on in your mind with someone who is completely stranger to you (and thanks to social media, there is no shortage of strangers). Maybe only because that person is stranger. You some how trust that person and know that what you are sharing won’t come out and don’t have to worry about being judged. Actually you don’t give a damn about being judged by that person who is completely stranger to you. So does that mean you can’t express your mind with someone who is near to you because of the fear that you will be judged or the other won’t be able to understand you. Yes, this means exactly that! But during past few days I’ve realized that there is absolutely nothing that people near to you can’t understand. It may take  few days, weeks but at the end they will understand you. Trust me. Actually everyone around you is there because of some personal benifits but your family and friends, who are there before they have actually got the meaning of words like betrayal and back stabbing will understand you. During past few days, certain situations made me realize this. They will understand you, if not now then definitely after some time!! ☺☺
You know what, at few times I felt that maybe this is all about for books, but very soon (mostly) I realize that it is true!!  😁😁

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