After effects of watching a Horror Movie!


Well, girls are often believed to be “The Gender”,  which doesn’t or cannot watch horror movies but dude, I am special case you see. I love horror movies and I love to admit it more. 😜  Just now I’ve finished watching “Paranormal Activity” (finally watched a movie after so long 🙂 )and it has simply blown my mind away.


It’s a movie that leaves an indescribable effect on mind. With that I realized that everyone who watches a horror movie experience the hangover for at least  that night. And down is the description of my hangover  🍺
1) I become a werewolf. I mean that after watching a horror movie I could notice minute movements and sounds.
2) Well, I am not very religious but believe me, when you are expecting an unexpected gost from behind the curtains then it’s only the god’s name and mantras that comes to mind. Suddenly I started regretting about that fast (व्रत) which  I was not able to keep! I suddenly became spiritual! 🙏


3) After watching a  horror movie I started doubting on every person, from a stranger to family. I started wondering whether they are really people or ghosts disguised as people! 👻
4) My brain started competing with your imagination. At a point I knew that nothing will happen. The next day I have to go to school, anyway! But still, fear is natural. After all we are all humans not celareo!


5) An after effect of watching a horror movie will be horrifying only, duh!!!


I hope you could relate to it 🙂

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