Why you and me are bad bloggers?


So I have been blogging on and off for roughly 2 two years now but I still consider myself to be a newbie.

The reason for this is, I have not been a regular blogger so I have really not figured it out properly. I have tried and experimented with alot of things and I am still exploring! I’m still trying to figure out what is that I am able to explain or carter best to you guys like another newbie.

What makes me going and keep trying, is my love for blogging! It just gives me so much happiness and unburdens me in a way which is actually magical!

But even after all these emotions involved, sometimes you must have felt, like I do, that we are not good bloggers. This feeling hits me, especially when I have put all my heart and soul to a post but it gets few likes where as a simple good morning of another blogger gets more than needed attention!

So I have come up with 5 reasons because of which I can’t continue blogging or keeps discouraging me

from being a regular blogger! And they are as follows :

1- Bad Grammar

I am an Indian, so naturally English is not my mother tongue. Though I have studied in an English medium school all my life but still, I am not good at it because I have studied it only to fetch decent marks.

I know, I have an alternate option, i. e. Hindi. But I don’t want to limit myself to Indians. The main reason, why I am on wordpress is to know about the diverse cultures and people!


So on social platforms, a girl is generally expected to be a beauty blogger or review beauty products and all. Honestly, being a girl that I am, I am not very much interested in this area. I mean I like getting dressed up and look awwwwwemazing. Maybe I future I also review some products or do something similar but talking, writing and thinking about makeup all the time is just not possible for me. I am not a very makeup person to be very honest so this option is also not for for me.

3- Not rich

So I belong to a decent family where all my necessities and demands are fulfilled. But going out every other day for a week of vacation or to any super expensive restaurant for a meal is absolutely irrational thought. And even though if my parents could afford it, I don’t think they would allow me for it!

4- No expensive equipments

Since I don’t have money as I am still studying and hence unemployed, I can’t afford those expensive cameras or paid photo editing apps. If I could, at least I could be a instagram photographer 😉 Like now a days every other person is.

Btw my instagram account is @vidishakaithal Message me “wordpress” so that I can know you came from here and become better friends! I would loooove that! ‹3

5- Talent

Didn’t you read the title of the post properly? It says

Problems with every new average blogger like ME!

Yes! It says average ! So since I am not a prodigy, my specific skills are not high. And definitely not high in writing! So even though I know all the fancy and decorated words but whenever I need them, they just run and hide themselves to the back of my mind. So my every post eventually turn out to be an average post altogether!


These are the 5 problems with me. Do you also feel like this sometimes?

Let me know if you could relate with me in the comments section! 🙂


Story of All Girls Meet-Up!


Akhir ladkiya krti kya h?” “Itni der tk kis baare me baat krti h?”  ” itna baat kr kaise leti h?” etc etc etc

If you are a boy then I am sure that this question must have popped in your head. Especially when your gf is out with her girl gang from past 5 hours and you have no clue of her.
So let me break it down for you guys in most simple words that they exactly do:

*** DISCLAIMER: This article is purely for entertainment purpose. The author does not intend to leak objectives of any girl group meeting. This is meant for education purpose and is the result of author’s observation. Every topic is linked to other. Audience is requested to relate their meet-up with their best girl friends ONLY.***

1-No fashion
Idk who spreads that girls just talk about fashion. NO! All girls meet up doesn’t mean that they will only talk about fashion. This topic only comes up if there’s has been some controversy related to clothes or they have bought something really out of the box and they want to flaunt in front of other girls.

Note: fashion bloggers are not included 😛



“Aaah, what’s so new about that? We already know, girls gossip.”
Boys, I know that you know it. But trust me, the intensity or the feel of gossiping with the set of best girls is just the on the other level. Even the Sharma ji’s daughter would use a lot of inappropriate words! Most uncomfortable topics would be discussed. Laughing and howling would take place and lots and lots of food and drinks would be spilled everywhere.

You’d be like,”uhh, that’s us all the time.” So let me remind you about the ‘good-girl’ mask that they have to put on all the time. 🙂

'I hate idol gossip.'

3- Food
What goes best with gossip and best girl friends? Daah food and drinks (soft -drinks,mind you)! If there is good food, it means double fun. Food is like a tonic. Tonic that shows “socially desirable” side of the girl the back seat and let the BOSS come out. B)

'My first husband was strong as an ox.'

4- Exes and Current comes together

So if you think girls never think about their exes then my boy you are so wrong. Girls meet up is not just about laughing at others stupid decisions. It also includes remembering and cursing their exes too. Sometimes, thanking them for leaving as well!

When exes are discussed then it’s time for the current ! So there is this rule that “curse the ex and dissect the current.” So girls, for once can consider to go easy on their friend’s ex but the current can never, ever. So from their story to profile to timeline, everything is closely examined and then the verdict is given out.


5- Selfies

Come on, what’s a meet up when you can’t get the perfect picture for instagram 😉






When I say an average Indian, it includes most of the us! Not only the common people, who don’t have major aspirations or ambitions, living only for roti, kapda aur makan but also those who have more than they deserve. Who are living only for their Instagram. Here average isn’t referred to the status one holds in society or how much money he makes. Here average is referred to the mental status of most of us.
1. You can’t teach them using resources in a sustainable manner
Reading this category you might think that, “oh, I don’t fall in this. I am a responsible person”or “I am a true Shaktiman fan, and do obey all lessons that he taught”, but please, honestly tell me, while your way from school/work to home how many leaking taps you saw and tried to close or report about it. Since you are in India, you will find many such taps but you definitely can’t stop at every nukkad for this Nobel cause. But my point is that even if you do it once, or at-least spread the word, it will make a huge difference. Even though I, myself miserably failed teaching the importance of resources to my maid, but this never made me stop. Few days later when I found her daughter in my “Sarva Shiksha” class, where I taught different subjects to students as a volunteer, I realized that my hard-work didn’t go in vain. Not to mother, but I was able to teach her daughter the same lesson. Later when her mother told me about her daughter saving water and food, I really felt good!

2. You can’t teach them healthy eating
The perk of being an Indian is that not only you get awesome food but also different types of food. And it’s a huge advantage,you see. After all, it was the masale which invited 200 years of slavery. Anyways, today, our mothers and grandmothers have learned the lesson that “use it all, before someone else claims on it”. And they use us as for safekeeping! They don’t have to do anything with proper diet and health. For them the food is healthy till it “has love”, which in Indian homes mean “homemade food”. Feeding on the fat loaded, spicy meals,six times a day does no harm but a burger is a poisonous! And if she is a non-vegetarian then, the fruits and vegetables are not more than grassto her!

3. You can’t teach them to follow rules
Rules!! You must have read that “rules are mead to be broken” and I am sure it must have come from a person with desi mindset. Honestly, as soon as we get some rules, we want to break them. It’s like, as soon as we get bubble wrap, we want to burst all the bubbles. If we are bound by the rules, we feel our very freedom is snatched away from us. And we also aren’t afraid of facing the later consequences. Call it being a daredevil or stupid, whatever you want, but that’s how our brains work!

4. You can’t teach them to pee in toilets-
Well, I don’t know whom to be blamed for this, the management for not providing and maintaining hygienic public toilets or the people, who are therefore forced to go on roads because they don’t have any alternative or they are too poor to build a proper washroom. But it is definitely embarrassing and obviously unhygienic, shopping vegetables next to someone who is peeing(my latest experience). I really find public urination the most disgusting and shameful action! Though in big cities, public urination laws are being followed in india, but the performance in small cities is dissapointing.

5. You can’t teach Indian mothers to throw away old stuffs-
Be it the bundles of old newspapers, sweet box, chocolate boxes, old dresses, which doesn’t fits to the youngest sibling, nothing can be taken away from them.They protect them like their cubs! They call it souvenir, memory or way of earning an extra penny (through kabadiwala). But, honestly, I love this habit of theirs. Though in greed of that extra buck only, something is being recycled. But also,it’s hard to convince them to donate the stuffs like old clothes, at least for my mum it is a hard task! And don’t ask why because in India you can question the government but not mum. And never even dare to question them!


Problem with girls!



I am a girl and I am super proud of that fact, but there are  few reasons about us that derives me nuts! Like-

  1. We give ourselves too much of importance! We think that the world is just busy noticing our dress (that if we have worn it before or not), our shoes ( if it’s going with the dress or not), or our make-up. Honestly girl, no one gives a damn about all these things until you are natural. Don’t be an “it girl” by wardrobe, be by your good behaviour! B)
  2. We don’t want to be “Ourselves”! I don’t know if majority of girls will admit it or not but the fact is that girls always want to be like someone else and this someone can be anyone. It can be your classmate who gets a lot of attention or your pretty cousin or an actress. If she is slim, you want that shape, if she has good hair, you spent on hair treatments to get that and the list goes on. Girls you need to understand that you are born goddess and goddess are pretty in every shape, size and colour. If someone do rejects you for this reason then remember that there is someone who will love the natural you. So say tata to jerks and wait for right people. 🙂
  3. We are filter lovers! I, personally know many girls who are just not ready to accept their real pictures. I mean, when you will look at their instagram  profile you will hardly find a picture filter free. Some pictures are so much edited that you can’t even spot a nose on the face and that really makes girl look like they have come from Venus! I am not completely against filters, in fact I use them too, but using it to make yourself look someone else is wrong. Accept yourself! Love your imperfections!  ❤
  4. Frame of girl! Come on, we all know that there is a stupid frame which asks girls to behave in a certain way.  But if you are not of that kind then don’t be ashamed for that. In fact, it’s good if you break that frame for future generations. It’s okay if you feel more comfortable in shirts and can’t be tip-top all the time. Just don’t change or try to fit yourself into that frame for the sake of few people how only show up to criticise you.
  5. Accept every fact about yourself! You are a girl, you wear a bra, you bleed once in a month, you give birth to a life. You don’t have to feel shy about admitting these stuffs. It’s how it is so just accept it. Stop creating a fuss or hiding it! You are special and remember this! 😀

After effects of watching a Horror Movie!


Well, girls are often believed to be “The Gender”,  which doesn’t or cannot watch horror movies but dude, I am special case you see. I love horror movies and I love to admit it more. 😜  Just now I’ve finished watching “Paranormal Activity” (finally watched a movie after so long 🙂 )and it has simply blown my mind away.


It’s a movie that leaves an indescribable effect on mind. With that I realized that everyone who watches a horror movie experience the hangover for at least  that night. And down is the description of my hangover  🍺
1) I become a werewolf. I mean that after watching a horror movie I could notice minute movements and sounds.
2) Well, I am not very religious but believe me, when you are expecting an unexpected gost from behind the curtains then it’s only the god’s name and mantras that comes to mind. Suddenly I started regretting about that fast (व्रत) which  I was not able to keep! I suddenly became spiritual! 🙏


3) After watching a  horror movie I started doubting on every person, from a stranger to family. I started wondering whether they are really people or ghosts disguised as people! 👻
4) My brain started competing with your imagination. At a point I knew that nothing will happen. The next day I have to go to school, anyway! But still, fear is natural. After all we are all humans not celareo!


5) An after effect of watching a horror movie will be horrifying only, duh!!!


I hope you could relate to it 🙂




It’s so strange that sometimes you can share what is going on in your mind with someone who is completely stranger to you (and thanks to social media, there is no shortage of strangers). Maybe only because that person is stranger. You some how trust that person and know that what you are sharing won’t come out and don’t have to worry about being judged. Actually you don’t give a damn about being judged by that person who is completely stranger to you. So does that mean you can’t express your mind with someone who is near to you because of the fear that you will be judged or the other won’t be able to understand you. Yes, this means exactly that! But during past few days I’ve realized that there is absolutely nothing that people near to you can’t understand. It may take  few days, weeks but at the end they will understand you. Trust me. Actually everyone around you is there because of some personal benifits but your family and friends, who are there before they have actually got the meaning of words like betrayal and back stabbing will understand you. During past few days, certain situations made me realize this. They will understand you, if not now then definitely after some time!! ☺☺
You know what, at few times I felt that maybe this is all about for books, but very soon (mostly) I realize that it is true!!  😁😁

How does it feels to be in “Secondary School”..


I am studying in class 10 and in about 30 days I’ll be promoted to class 11th. I have been in “Secondary School” for a long time, so I feel that I’m quite an eligible one to give my juniors some tips. So here are they-

1- Stay ready for weird reactions! e.g

Stranger- “In which class do you study in?”

You- “Class 10th”

Stranger- eye brows raised, eyes popped out and deformed lips.


2- Get ready to share your future plans with every single person, like what subject you’ll choose or what you want to become!


3- Be prepared for advises from every class 10th passed human!


4-Block you ears if you’ve made any mistake because then you’ll hear- “You don’t know this! Being a student of “Secondary School”, you should be knowing it!”


5- Parents will get weird-

You- “Mom can I go to Fedrick’s”

Mom- “No, you’re not that grown up!”

You- “Mom, can you cook me Maggie?”

Mom- “You’re in 10th, You’re grown up!”


5 rules to follow on Indian roads!


India is of two kinds-
1) The tiptop or the high-class one
2)The so called down to earth or the small town citizens.
In every Jimmy Choo person there is a Bata kind of person and in every roti kind, there resides a brown bread. In tip-top cities everything is in proper place like dustbins and public-toilets but in small cities or villages you need to do everything in open! In big cities traffic rules are followed because the number of cops there are increased. I live in Allahabad (a small city) where street lights had came on roads around 4 months ago and by this time I could read the situations & peoples accuratly so I thought that why not to share 5 rules to follow on Allahabad roads!
1- If you see a green signal from 10 km then start considering yourself as Amir Khan, no not of p.k. but of Dhoom movie and accelerate your bike so that you don’t have to wait for 50 sec before going to buy a pack of cigarettes!


2-If you see cops checking helmets and you don’t have one then borrow from the one who is going to another lane and ask him to return later & Put on seat belts as soon as you see cops other-wise its not at all important as long as you have an idol of god in your car (if had done any sin in your past life then god can also not help you!).


3-Always stand “on” zebra crossing during red light!


4-If you break red light then start pretending that you have not seen lights while driving.


5-If you don’t stop on red light for the second time then pretend that no one has ever taught you that which light stands for which instruction!


If you will follow all there rules then you will live happily ever after! 🙂

4 Summer Food Essentials: something that You must have at your home


Hello!! How are you my Awesome friends?? Today I want to share some things that I always have at my home during summers, so lets get started…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1.  JUICES-  Are you wondering that why this text is colored “Orange”??? ooofffo.. It’s obivo, because we are talking about juice. Haven’t got it??!! Well when I think about juice then only orange flavor comes on my mind (I DON’T KNOW WHY,I DON’T LIKE IT EVEN… SO…   YES!! Its summer time in INDIA and Indian summers are extreme summers & and believe me its super hot here,where I live (there are many states of our country which are not experiencing summers).So,to stay hydrated I certainly need something,and Real Juice is here to rescue me!!! These days I am loving real juices especially ‘LITCHI FLAVOR’. But canned juices are just not better than home made ones so at home I like to prepare watermelon juice and mango shake.
  2. Fruits So this text in red coz when I think about fruits I think about apples… Fruits has antioxidants & flavonoids which enhances the activity of vitamin C thereby helping to lower the risks of colon cancer, heart attack & stroke. Eating fruits, empty tummy  or before your meals is even better!!! I personally love summer fruits like mangoes,watermelons, melons,berries etc. ❤ ❤
  3. Syrups- Well, I love chocolates but in summers I go for syrups instead of bars because only few drops of it is too sweet and my sweet tooth as well as my taste buds are  satisfied! And in these days I am going for “GENUINE HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE SYRUP” and trust me its awesome!! I recommend it also because it will add some twist of taste in your regular normal mike, you know, you can have cold chocolate milk. Then you can add it in ice-creams & my personal favorite is adding syrup in vanilla  ice cream. And if you don’t like chocolate then you can enjoy your drinks and ice creams with any other flavored syrups..
  4. Yogurt-I love yogurt and would definitely recommend you to to eat it. If you don’t like simple yogurt then you can add little sugar or sometimes  salt or add water and make a drink  to get altogether a different taste. And If you have a dry skin then you should definitely have it!As your body needs to have a healthy amount of ”good” bacteria in the digestive tract, and many yogurts are made using active, good bacteria. One of the words you’ll be hearing more of in relation to yogurt is ”probiotics.” Probiotic, which literally means ”for life,” refers to living organisms that can result in a health benefit when eaten in adequate amounts.