And still she chosen to smile!


And still she chosen to smile,
Against all odds,
To lift herself,
Whith trembling feet,
And shaking hands.
Empty hands.
Her support, already broken and lost,
Yet trying to search and revive.
Trying to walk on,
Corrupt and disorganized roads,
On the shoes of courage,
Which may broke any moment.

Because I’m an ordinary girl!


I am girl,
I am original.
Don’t demand from me to be a boy,
I am better,
I am more,
Than any comparision or any label! 
I am ordinary,
I don’t need a day to be celebrated!
Celebrate my acheivements,
Not gift of God.
I don’t need sympathy,
I need encouragement
To make miracles happen,
Because I’m an ordinary girl!



I dream of owning,
a heaven on land!
Placing bricks,
Together forever.
To stay and rest,
So that I can rest and prepare for best!

Lost children!


Lost, giggling with broken teeth,
Now lips are ready to cover the spaces!
Lost, asking childish questions,
Now answers have double meanings!
Lost hiding toffees,
Now pockets hide cigarettes!
Hiding to be seeked is Lost
Now PS3’s are being introduced!
Children lost!
Childhood lost!
Now adults are being borned!

I want, for me!


I want to sink in,

Into his eyes!

I want to run,

Run, towards him!

I want him,

Him, to hold me!

I want to stand,

stand on my toes!

I want to get buried,

On his chest!

I want to him,

Him, to hug me,

Hug me, like he wants me to hear his heartbeats,

Which are for me!


Girl, not a Barbie bell!



I am a girl ,
Not a Barbie bell!
You can’t touch my hair or kiss me everywhere!
Because I can punch you!
Oh yeah! I can do it on you.
I don’t wear heels,
So you better be on your keens.
Coz I can run after you,
To hit you with my shoe!
Oh! that’s true,very true!
And don’t imagine it to be virtual,
It can be real.
Not in any wonderland,
But in my world, where I live,
And that’s here, very near!


:* :*

A Mother.


Who is a Mother?
The one, who is a punching bag,
Or the one, who is the victim of everyone’s outbursts?
A women who has scars of burning oil, still fails to impress with her food,
Or that one who can’t compete with other modernized people?
Who is that woman in your house,
who keeps trying improving according to million of other people around her?
Who is that, whose duty is to look after everyone, even if others ignore her?
A Mother.

When you are growing up in India!



When you are growing up in India, you don’t have time for your friend’s birthday party!
Because you are too busy, attending classes!
When you are growing up in India,
you don’t have time to catch your tennis class!
Because you are busy in becoming a Doctor!
When you are growing up in India,
you don’t have time to chill around with with your colony friends, everyday!
Because you are too busy in preparations of Engineering!
When you are growing up in India,
You don’t have time to read novels,
Because you are busy in eating up physics formulae!
When you are growing up in India,
You don’t have time to joke!
Beacuse you are too busy in understanding the value of time, books, future & job from your every single relative!