Why Love should Win #LoveWins



USA legalized same sex marriage!! Yoohoo!! Congratulations!! Even twitter is celebrating this day. If you tweet with #LoveWins they will add a rainbow heart !! How cool!!
 It will definitely bring a change (for good) in our society. SC’s decision is a tight slap on orthodox people! This decision is not only good for people who wants to get married to same sex but also to straight people!  Yes! Let me explain it to you. Often we hear that people who are Gay or lesbian, etc are forced to marry straight people in order to protect their so called “prestige”. In these cases, both become the victim.   Now those people at least have law by their side. They can marry whom so ever they want. And with this step, people will start accepting themselves which will eradicate many social evils.
I wish same thing happens in India also!