First two months of Grace’s life!


You might know that I recently had a baby! And I am super excited about it! My baby, my “Grace”! Excuse Me, don’t get any ideas, I’m talking about my male, African Gray Parrot. It’s like a box filled with all candies, sweets, pizzas and everything that I love! He is completely adorable!


First time outside his room

Well, he was 27 days old, yet very active! Always busy in his feathers. Which is a sign of being healthy and this makes me happy. Now his diet was through hand and I love to see him excited when he sees his food. Recently something happened that just made me feel a bad parent. Actually, the person, from whom my father bought it told that Grace needed his food four times a day and I thought that I’ll feed him in interval of 6hrs. After two days, dad asked me to watsapp his pictures. As soon as he got pics he called me up saying that it looks weak and asked me about his diet. Then he told me to hand-feed him in interval of 4hrs. I followed his steps and now he is healthy and happy. Earlier he used to shout every timeĀ  but now he sleeps well. Now he has completed two months old and is handsome as Hrithik Roshan


Also, now he knows that “come” means that he has to come to me and I love when he runs to me! He also loves outings and chewing! Watch Grace in wonderland || first command